The Aberystwyth collection

Aberystwyth University has one of the major collections of studio ceramics in Britain. It's available to view online -

For my project there I looked through the whole collection, to find inspiration for setting my work off in a new direction. It was a good thing to do, to remind myself of where my interests in ceramics lies, and to discover new makers. Some work could be clicked by quickly, some lingered over. There were many pieces that I admire, but didn't give me that spark of excitment, of possibility. You know it when you see it.

As I've said I chose John Maltby's later work, but there was also the work of Eric Ravillious, a long-time favorite, and Geoff Bond, that I'd not come across before, he made beautifully contained miniature scenes, with great perspective. I'm always drawn to narrative work, to storytelling, and the making of a distinct world.