testing, testing

First off I tried out some of the clays, the Herend porcelain, the cheaper porcelain and the smooth white stoneware, with a fine grog through it. Good clays to work with, but I had to start making my ceramic book right away before I saw the test results, and as the porcelains usually fire very high (1330 and over 1400 ! at the factory) I decided to use the stoneware. But when I got my porcelain tests out of the kiln, fired to cone 6, they were fine for my work, especially after a polish with the diamond pads. I also tried painting the porcelain as a slip on to the stoneware, and that worked well.

So the book will be stoneware, and the wall panels both stoneware and porcelain. Time is tight before we have to have work ready for the exhibition in Budapest, so trying to get as much made as possible before the final biscuit firing this week.


P1230316 - Version 2